Monday, 2 December 2013

Know About the Acupuncture Benefits and the Related Myths

As we all know, acupuncture is an ancient healing practice that started in Asia thousands of years ago. Being one of the core parts of the Chinese traditional medicine, acupuncture benefits the wellbeing of an individual greatly and help balance the body's yang and yin to attain and maintain health. Two intimate human aspects, yang is the active principle and yin is the passive principle. Imbalance of these dynamic properties result in vital energy, known as Qi, being congested and causing several diseases. To unblock the energy, ultra-thin metal pins are inserted into the points on body that connect to meridians, the channels through which the Qi flows.

Here are some of the major myths:
1) No Scientific Basis: Acupuncture might be a form of alternative medicine; nevertheless peer reviewed studies have studied that acupuncture treatments do associate to lessening in the patient's alleged levels of pain.

2) Needles Not Safe: This myth relates to the wrong belief that the needles utilized in the acupuncture treatments can carry disease or are unsanitary. Acupuncture needles come in sealed, sterilized, packages. After used for the treatment, the needles are treated as the medical waste and correctly disposed of. You have as much to anxiety from a dirty needle at the acupuncturist as you do at the specialist for the needle used in a shot.

3) Acupuncture is Painful: Usually, acupuncture is nearly painless. There are some patients who report feeling a slight pinch, less than the usual with a shot at the doctor, with the application of an acupuncture needle. Acupuncture really works, relaxes your body and restores its balance. Causing pain is not an effectual technique for acupuncture treatment.

4) Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are the same: Acupuncture employs the principles and comprehending of traditional Chinese medicine, however, it is its own sovereign field of study. The traditional Chinese medicine also depends on the herbal remedies Tai-Qi.

5) Acupuncture Sessions Last a Long Time: A usual acupuncture session lasts from thirty minutes to one hour. This involves the pre-acupuncture inspection which includes the time it takes to make an analysis and frame a treatment plan. The needle insertion does not much of a time. But the best part is that, once the healing process starts, it lasts a very long time. 

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