Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Complete Description of Different Natural Therapies
Natural therapies include number of different services like massage, acupuncture, Reiki therapy and beauty therapy. Massage for fitness is a good way to rejuvenate all the body cells within little time.  It has many other benefits as well like relieve tension, relax muscles, provide harmony and increase flexibility in complete body. Though, it is a technique of hands, but the style of giving a massage differs like acupressure, Swedish or hot stone therapy. It is common in gyms and spa centers where specialized therapists are present.
Acupuncture is another natural therapy which is an ancient technique, acupuncture benefits are countless. It is used to promote health and well being of a person. Some needles are inserted at different points of the body which are also known as acupressure points. It is a core part of Chinese traditional medicine that helps in flushing out toxins from the lymphatic system. Nowadays due to advancement of science, acupuncturists have started providing acupuncture kits to their patients so, that they could perform self acupuncture. It is always suggested that people should never follow it alone without the guidance of learner. The acupuncturist studies the meridians of the body that are responsible to stimulate health. Earlier it was based on needles only but at present it is evolved with lasers, magnets and even herbs.
Another part of natural therapy is Reiki therapy which is a Japanese technique done for the purpose of relaxation and healing. This technique has gained immense popularity over the few years due to its simplicity and effectiveness. In this therapy practitioner’s hands facilitate the universe energy to heal. Reiki focuses on two systems present in body firstly the cleansing of the meridian system and another is the balancing of chakras. It is a secular practice that heals the body without any religious belief. This word is derived from Rei and ki which describes universal life energy. Japanese believe that there is enough energy present in universe to heal the body, restore balance of body and to promote health and harmony.

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