Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Innovative personal fitness training ideas

Nowadays there is more emphasis on fitness like never before because size zero is in vogue and people are becoming more health conscious. Due to this some people require motivation and others have already. People who need extra motivation to get in proper shape can hire personal trainer for fitness that works alike your routine. Over time spend on burning calories can lead to boredom and sap people from fervor of exercise. Hence, a personal trainer should be creative and constantly works on bringing new ideas to keep their clients enthusiastic and excited for their workouts.

Creative Circuits
Traditional trainings can become boring after awhile thus, personal trainers can benefit their clients by using creative and motivating circuits. Circuit training engrosses moving from one station to another and working on different muscle groups in a set time limit. In order to make a circuit more motivational, a trainer can incorporate music that fades in and out when it’s time to change stations. There are different ideas for different circuit types like boot camp military focused circuit, global circuit, ski training circuit that includes different exercises around the globe. Another type of combat circuit uses different fighting techniques or kickboxing.
Massage and Natural Therapies
A certified Personal trainer for fitness mixes massage and natural therapies in personal fitness training. Massage therapy is used to eliminate toxins from the body and enhances strength to perform more strenuous workouts. A personal training can be completely customized using different therapies like acupuncture, reiki therapy and massage. These therapies are worth because it helps a person to be in proper shape and help in being healthy and relaxed for longer duration.
Small Group Training
Group training is a variance of traditional one-on-one personal training that allows more people to attain benefit from personal fitness training at a lower cost that is paid by each person. Working in a group will endow more motivation to attend it with more enthusiasm and team spirit. It will build group camaraderie and helps in encouraging each other to work better and perform harder. Groups can be kept as small including only 4 to 6 persons or large having 15 to 20 persons. Small groups are more preferred it will build group atmosphere and helps in working on each and every instruction. More people can sign up for training thus; they can have a new social group to belong.
If you want to add more zing in the physical training then you can uniquely spin your training by moving on in a good weather outdoors. If the weather is conducive for exercising and not that too hot or cold then, outside training will be beneficial. Ensure that there is no distracting noise outside and surroundings are scenic to provide more motivation to the people. It will not only improve participant’s mood but also improve self esteem of personal trainer.

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