Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Get back into shape – Go to Gym

Everyone wants to lead a physically fit life and wants to be in shape today and always. So if you think you are out of shape then it’s time to get in shape by a little hard work. Without putting effort no one can achieve goals, same is the case for attaining a better shape. Also, if you have a perfect shape even then exercising is of great importance. Regular exercises help you increase your metabolism, longevity, tone your body and also help you in gaining self confidence.

For attaining all the above, you can initially start at home or if u feel that you want to make best of your valuable time you can go for a fitness personal trainer. A personal trainer guides you to an effective and safe technique for improving your stamina and then you can move step by step towards your target.

If you are a starter in the exercising world, then, never forget these points:  warm up your body before starting any other exercise and in the end, you must perform some cool down exercises. This helps you to reduce most injuries. Warming up your body and muscles raises body temperature and increase blood flow. This can be easily achieved by ten minutes on treadmill or cycling or the warm up exercises.

After warm up session, you can perform exercises as guided by the trainer. If at any point you feel exhausted, take a five minutes rest and ask your trainer for stretching. Stretching is a key factor to get your muscles relaxed and flexible. Stretch your harm strings before performing aerobics so that you do not get any injuries. 

Working out in wrong posture can pull muscles, tear tendons and can even cause back problems. Stand tall while doing cardio and take long strides with your legs.  While putting weights make your spine aligned with neck and tailbone. Also use a full range of motion because it increases your muscle strength. 

From the start of the day to the end, just keep one thing in your mind that you have to drink plenty of water so that you can replenish fluids you lost through sweating. Even between the exercises do not forget to take a sip or two of water. 

Follow these simple rules to get attain great body shape!

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