Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Various Programs at Group Fitness Classes

Exercise is good for everyone. Today, fitness plays a very effective role in our life because it makes our life full of health and positive energy. Physical fitness has numerous benefits that include better health, greater strength, more flexibility and increased energy. Various Fitness center, Gyms or yoga studio offers group fitness classes. Group fitness training make the time fun and a person forgets that he/she is doing something hard. It is a great way to attain great body shape, mingle with new people and compete with group members to get the best results.

Here a depth looks at group fitness classes and personal training.

Group Fit:  Group fit prepares the body for all kind of activities. It focuses on strengthening and conditioning muscles. It is suitable for all, from a military officer to athletes to regular people who want to achieve higher level of fitness. Group fit is a session to be completed in 20 minutes or less. It is timed session and runs on the concept of doing different exercises everyday with a new challenge to increase core strength of the body.

Group Fit Basics: Group fit basics session is made to prepare people for the Group fit group. In this, you will learn the correct way of doing exercises in the sessions of 20-25 minutes. The techniques have to be made perfect in this session to perform exercises in a timed out manner.

Core fit:  Core fit helps to improve strength of the core areas: hips, abdominal and spine. The core fit session benefits everyday life by not only providing great postures but also strengthening those core body parts that usually wear out due to extra work pressures. So, gain great beach look and reduce the back pain in one go. 

Fight Fit: Fight Fit class teaches how to punch properly. There are three types of punches: hooks (side-punch), jabs (straight-punch) and upcuts (upward-punch). A trainer will guide you how to perform these combinations. Many people think that boxing only tones the arms, but it actually works for the whole body, especially for muscle tones, glutes and all in all to loose weight.

Bootcamp: In bootcamp, military-style workout is taught to increase both: physical and mental strength. It is performed outdoors which helps to achieve ultimate fitness, physical goals and get into a shape.

Stretch Out:  Stretch out class is a combination of Pilates, yoga, dance and breathing techniques to increase the flexibility and fitness. Joining a stretch class is a fun and enjoyable experience as it gives instant results. Benefits from stretch out class include increase blood and nutrients to muscle tissue, reduced risk of back pain, improved posture and minimum injury risk.

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