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Facts about Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment has its roots in China. With great researches, it was found that human body is a system consisting of meridians and points. These meridians are invisible to naked eyes but they carry a major energy route. In these meridians flow our life force, named as Qi. It is believed that blockage in the flow of this life factor causes a large number of diseases. Acupuncture is a technique through which obstruction to the flow of this factor is treated. This is made possible by stimulating the points which are said to be sitting on the meridian with help of acupuncture needles.

Acupuncture Benefits
Acupuncture benefits

For an acupuncture treatment session, the therapist needs a common tool, i.e. acupuncture needle. Acupuncture needles have a dimension of 15 mm to 20 mm in length and 0.12 to 0.35 mm in diameter. The area of these needles is as thin as hairs. For different parts of the body, there is a different gauge set.  For example, to treat an ear points there is need to have short and thin needles. Similarly, a large variety of needles are available for treating various diseases.

The procedure of acupuncture treatment is carried out by inserting needles into the patient’s body. Initially, a little pain may be felt while inserting the needles but as the process starts, it feels much better. The duration for which needles are kept inside the body of the patient depends on the ailment and type of healing. Some of the major concerns for a successful treatment include correct angle, direction and depth. So it is always better to trust and an experienced therapist. The reason is that an experienced therapist knows how to diagnose the diseases and treat them correctly. After attaining the proper depth, needles are not pulled out immediately. Rather, a therapist uses fingers to rotate the needles left and right for 2-3 minutes.

Although acupuncture is considered as a complex technique and also takes time to master, but if one takes treatment session from an experienced group like Offyaglutes, then surely it will be helpful in getting positive results. They use a wide range of methods including needling, cupping, moxa, heating etc for providing best results to their customers. Selecting a group of skilled and professional people helps in getting sustainable and successful results. Health cannot be compromised with anything. Hence, before selecting a group for acupuncture treatment one should observe the experience and quality they offer.

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