Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Gym Workout Plan

Here are some gym workout plans:

1) Set a goal: First of all one should set an achievable goal and start working towards it. If one is beginner and wants to build muscles then initially you should go bit easy. Don’t do workout more than an hour. One should only exercising 5 days in a week and get rest on weekends. If one is aiming for a weight loss, then he should pay more attention on cardio than weight training. If one is focusing on gaining muscle, then he need to focus more on weight training than cardio.

2) Weekly gym workout plan: Here are some basic workout plans that one can follow. One can modify it according to his goal:

  • Monday: Chest & abs 
  • Tuesday: Back 
  • Wednesday: Shoulder 
  • Thursday: Legs 
  • Friday: Arms 
  • Saturday: Cardio [Stretching Exercises]

3) Diet and rest: Workout routine is only the half way battle. Diet is also very important. One should make sure that he will get enough protein everyday as protein is the main source which helps to gain muscles. One can get protein from protein shakes, dairy foods (milk, cheese etc), lean meat, eggs, fishes etc. One should take adequate amount of fiber as it cleanse your system and helps to reduce weight faster. One must avoid sugary and fatty foods. Rest is also very important. Sleeping will help in repairing muscles so make sure that one should take enough sleep in night. During the night, the growth hormones are released on a higher concentration which will help in gaining muscle mass.

4) Some useful tips:
Always do warm-up before workout and follow cool-off exercises after workout. One should carry a water bottle and towel to the gym. Don’t do over exercise as it will cause unnecessary fatigue and stress hormones. One should workout under the guidance of your gym instructor.
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