Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Acupuncture and Massage For Fitness Goals

Many people nowadays are suffering from the problem of obesity because of modern lifestyle and junk food. Due to awareness, people are turning towards personal fitness gyms or personal fitness trainings to be in proper physique and avoid adjoined diseases with obesity. In order to make the fitness journey more enjoyable and pleasant, offyaglutes are working hard for assurance of best results. Out of different exercises there are some other techniques or natural therapies as well that can help in reducing weight like massage, acupuncture, reiki therapy and other beauty treatments.

Massage and acupuncture are ancient techniques from China. Massage involves pressing and rubbing against different parts of the body and acupuncture involves inserting the needles or puncturing the skin for realignment of body energies. These techniques have diverse benefits in fitness and curing of different diseases.

Massage and acupuncture benefits are numerous but the best one is immune spiraling. Massage reduces the level of stress hormones in body that are responsible to damage the immune cell system Moreover acupuncture connects immune system and nervous system that relieves from many catastrophic diseases especially allied with heart and brain diseases. When a person relaxes through acupuncture or massage, stress hormones reduces in number and pleasure hormones increases that boost the immune system massively.

Acupuncture and massage for fitness is helpful in relieving pain especially at large number of conditions ranging from sprained anklets to headaches or back pain. According to research, nervous system and immune system are entwined with each other. When invaders attack immune system then often result is pain and inflammation. Massage boosts the immune system that upshots discomfort and inflammation. Thus, many western doctors are accepting these eastern methods as viable medical technique and using it to relieve pain and stiffness from excellent clinical results. Whenever body feels any pain at any part of the body then that pain can be taken away by the nervous system because of response that can be negative or positive on stimulation of certain chemicals. 

Acupuncture and massage impacts on hormone levels of body. Many people ally massage and acupuncture to impact hormones like menstrual cramps, insomnia, digestive problems or blood pressure. Although hormones control mood and behavior thus, many doctors use massage and acupuncture to treat disorders such as anxiety or depression.

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