Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Issues That Arises In Personal Fitness Training

The relationship between personal trainer for fitness and client is based on trust. Customer pays hefty amounts for just helping him to improve health and physical appearance. Client can be in vulnerable position if trainer is unable to build trust and respect personal boundaries. It is important to respect each other and acknowledge the capability of making financial decisions. Trainer is not appointed under unnecessary financial pressure and in case of any emergency trust him that he will take notable steps to save life.

Physical touch
One of the major issues that arise between personal trainer and clients is of physical touch. Set some of the boundaries and trainer should only touch to correct physical position or alignment during training. If it exceeds the comfort level then it should be demarcated at the same time. The relationship between personal trainer and client should be strictly professional and respect boundaries for flawless working.

The personal trainer sometime over motivates the client that can lead to medical emergencies and push clients beyond the capabilities. Sometimes it has been seen that trainer overworks on the client and it could escort him to faintness or even death. Undoubtedly family can lodge a lawsuit and sue the company and personal trainer but it is important to understand physical capacity of client and paying heed on level of workouts should be designed. Personal fitness training designs the workout chart carefully and helps in improving physical health rather than declining it or obstructing it.

Finance can be another major issue in the relationship of client and trainer. A trainer should decide without being any selfish nature to decide the number of specific meetings because he knows better that how many sessions are required o get in shape or meet the desired goal. It is not that trainer should set minimum number of lessons or trainings. The only basic idea is to avoid perception that many people have made in their mind that they try to charge maximum amount of money from the client in order to fill their pockets. Thus, to remove this myth, client must be specified with the number of lessons that are mandatory. It is very important to begin a relation with trust and honesty and maintaining it for long time till the goal is achieved utterly.

Competency as First Responder
Another issue in this gym industry is the lack of first response skills in trainers. It can create a liability issue for the gym if you are a member of it. Different states have different pass laws according to competency of trainers thus it is important to hire the one after assurance of all credentials. The best part is read reviews and ratings of old customers for analyzing competency of trainers.

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